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Who We Are  

The Quinsys leadership team brings extensive ICT and Management Consulting hands on experience, with a focus on Strategic Management, MIS, and communication technology and application services. The leadership team has practical experience with large multinational corporations and thus combines the international excellence with a good knowledge of the local market and the solutions that would fit the exact needs of a very diverse score of client companies that operate in both the local and international markets.

Through its practical hands on experiences, a good knowledge of the market, a strong connection to all major suppliers and available solutions, Quinsys is able to deliver solutions that allow it to assist its diverse client base with the cost effective and timely applications. Quinsys works closely with the client management team and the various departments to achieve results that meet exact client needs.

What We Do

Quinsys provides consultancy, support and solution development in MIS and Telecommunications with emphasis on MIS Solutions, Communication Solutions, Telephony Cost Management, Application Development and Support and Quality Assurance on Applications.


IT Advisory Services:


Providing consultation for the analysis, design and installation of complex IT networks and systems including multi server platforms and client server work stations for companies varying between small to large platforms including a complete review and analysis of the company activities to match the application of the most suitable solutions.

Communication solutions:


Quinsys has a proven track record for setting up of complex remote field communication network to allow for continuous communication between different branches or remote locations with the central office at acceptable costs, for companies that have multiple locations, and especially for companies that have remote filed operations in areas outside the realm of the communication networks.

Solutions Development:

Quinsys software team offers advice, consultation, analysis, design, and programming for a wide range of applications suited for diverse industries for medium and small companies.

Quality Assurance:

System Support and Operational Assistance:


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