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IT Consultation 
IT professionals could help your organization grow in terms of functionality, integrity without affecting the ease of use and accessibility.

Quinsys will define the exact needs of the organization and avoid systems that exceed its needs and requirements. Compromise between system qualifications, budget and functionality will lead to the defining proper system for sole purpose.

Our IT professionals, with wide scope on the market capabilities will best serve reaching your goal. Quinsys will help building your ICT Infrastructure architecture for:
Quinsys using its high experience designs and installs networks covering a small geographic area, like an office or a building based on Ethernet technology.

Quinsys helps different size companies in setting their Local area networks (LAN) designed to meet total client needs. It can construct from the ground up a network, WAN or tie with remote locations out of the country's infrastructure.
Quinsys uses in LANs setting different technologies to link computers together. Depending on the circumstance, the computers in the network might be connected using cables and hubs. Other networks might be connected strictly wirelessly. It depends on the number of PCs that shall connect, the physical layout of the workspace, and the various needs of the client as he develops his network.

Quinsys secures the network security standards to prevent unauthorized users or intruders from accessing, corrupting or changing information.

Quinsys defines the exact characteristics of LANs, in contrast to WANs (wide area networks), including their much higher data transfer rates, smaller geographic range, and lack of a need for leased telecommunication lines.

Quinsys will set WAN networks for broader data communications networks when the client has broad geographic setting transmission facilities can be provided by common carriers, such as telephone companies’ data or thought more sophisticated proprietary networks.
High speed Internet/Intranet access
Quinsys will help building your ICT Infrastructure architecture for Broadband Internet access, which is the high speed Internet access. Broadband technologies supply at least double the speed of dial-up and generally without disrupting telephone use.

Quinsys will set exact guidelines to insure that the organization uses the LAN / WAN for the business purposes only.

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