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MIS Consultation  
Quinsys relies on computer and information technology to conduct business and operate more efficiently. The rapid spread of technology has generated a need for highly trained analysts to help organizations incorporate new technologies. The tasks performed by our computer systems analysts evolve rapidly, reflecting new areas of specialization and changes in technology, as well as the preferences and practices of employers.

Quinsys systems analysis function:
  • Solve computer problems and apply computer technology to meet the specific needs of any organization.
  • Helps organization realize maximum benefits from its investment in their IT assets including hardware, personnel, and business processes.
  • Plans and develops new MIS and ICT systems or devise ways to better utilize existing systems’ resources to maximize operational efficiencies in MIS and ICT.
  • Design new systems, including both hardware and software components, and recommend new software applications to improve present hardware capabilities.
  • Quinsys works with in flexible manners to adapt to all systems and organization needs and requirements.
Quinsys Methodology:
  • Start the assignment by discussing the systems issues with management and users to determine the exact nature of the needs and requirements.
  • Define the goals of the system and divide the solutions into individual steps and separate procedures.
  • Prepare Requirement Specifications document, flow charts, and process diagrams for computer programmers to follow.
  • Write down a detailed Requirement Specification document to reflect the exact deliverable.
  • Determine the appropriate platform to handle the business.
  • Supervise the procedures for the purchase and delivery of needed systems and equipment’s in accordance with client's policy procedures.
  • Coordinates tests and observe the initial use of the system to ensure its maximum performs as planned.

Quinsys systems analysts will perform in-depth testing of products and insure the revision of the software application, running tests, diagnose problems, recommend solutions, and determine whether program requirements have been met.

Quinsys will insure system compatibility within the organization, and among affiliated organizations, so that information can be effectively shared among them.

Quinsys will configure the hardware and software to allow the seamless exchange of information, custom applications, maximize system performance and factually.

Quinsys systems analysts will refer to the Infrastructure team to access and communicate with their resources either locally, remotely or through the cloud environment.
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