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QuinTel v5

The present market conditions imposes on every business and industry severe competitive pressures thus requiring serious cost control on all spending, Telecom spending is a major expense item that, if unmanaged can become a significant budget item. QuinTel provides the perfect means to control and manage telecom costs by extension, by department and by branch. Easy set up and administration allows for authorization of facilities to specific extensions as a well as monitoring the exact usage of each extension.

  • QuinTel is an ideal scalable solution that fits from small business, to large enterprises with ability to accommodate multiple locations environment.
  • QuinTel serves the hospitality industry requirement either through standalone implementation or through connector with most of market standard PMS.
  • QuinTel facilitates the management of telecommunication resources, controls the telephony usage, and saves the telecom bills cost.
  • QuinTel provides very flexible and rich reporting tools that generate almost all the needed reports to monitor all telephony voice usage and costs.
  • QuinTel integrates with multi application platforms to feed the financial applications with relevant information, makes use with site pre-definition under Microsoft Active Directory or Cisco Call Manager and integrates with most of PABXs and Telephony servers.
  • QuinTel supports Active / Passive hardware configuration for business continuity.
  • QuinTel communicates with all types of PBX/ Cisco/IP Tel Srv supporting CDR output.


  • Software that operates with Telephony Servers and PABXs to perform Traffic analysis, Cost Calculations and reporting
  • Web based bi-lingual (A/L) interface accessible via Thin Client
  • Ideal scalable solution that fits from small business, to large enterprises with ability to accommodate multiple sites environment
  • Hospitality version to interface with Guest folio of known PMS
  • Supports Multiple Cisco Call Manager clusters.

Key Features

  • Easy Setup & configuration with fully parameterized definition, multi-sites and redundant configuration.
  • Dedicated engine for Real-Time Costing considering all cost calculation parameters resulting high data fidelity and accuracy.
  • Unlimited Reports Selection Criteria feeding the Report Generator
  • Ease of use, fancy interface with Admin alert & notification feature.
  • Latest Technology of web based application MVC5, JQuery and .Net 4.5.1

Setup & Configuration

  • Interface with Cisco Call Manager to make use of existing site definition utilizing CUCM credentials
  • Interface with MS Active Directory (optional) to extract pre-defined subscribers' information
  • Accommodates multi-tenant environment running a single Cisco Call Manager cluster with several IP-Telephony partitions
  • Customized users' security scheme with multi access levels
  • Automatic System Restart to resume operations following power failure
  • Could be implemented on Active/passive redundant servers for high availability - switch to passive server and roll back with high data fidelity for ultimate Business Continuity.

Hierarchy definition for

  • Unlimited number of extensions / Groups.
  • Organization structure as branch / department / extension Tree.
  • One or more Extensions could be assigned for one subscriber.
  • Grouping several subscribers to share the same extension.



  • Standalone implementation supporting Guests, Shops and Administration extensions definition with relevant cost calculation.
  • Cost calculation to interface with known PMS market player through ready made (or customized) connector.


Cost Calculation

  • Customized pricing and calculation that meets all telephony operators' costing standards.
  • Tariff parameters (pulse / time, destination, carrier, sales tax … etc.).
  • Multi Price List Categories to match caller category.
  • Price list per carrier to match used gateway.
  • Special Rates, Fixed service charges, Variable discount (+/-) to apply over any extension / group.
  • Sales tax applies on caller category And / Or call destination type.
  • Cost and Time Quota limit per User/ Group.
  • Phone lock to ban outgoing calls.
  • Multiple charging schemes according to the time-of-day and day-of-week.
  • Cost Recalculation feature to serve roll back for selected extension(s) with date reference.
  • Private Numbers activities in separate costing manner.



  • Numerous types of Statistical & Management reports based on wide variety of user defined criteria to meet any business need.
  • Saved report selection criteria as Report Template.
  • Scheduled Reports could be set for automatic run.
  • Auto reports to be extracted and distributed to Admin, report Owner or Supervisor's e-mail.
  • Supports several types of report format: web (HTML), CSV, Excel, Word and PDF, disk file or e-mail attachment.
  • Multi-site reporting could be extracted per site performance or consolidated in parent site.
  • Strong data archiving that allows reports generation over several previous years.
  • SQL Query could be added for special report extraction.


Online Graphical Dashboard displaying real time update for

  • Total Number of calls for the present day.
  • Number of calls for the last week, month or longer periods.
  • Total number of Outgoing calls by Zone type.
  • Total number of calls by Call type.
  • Extensions list sorted by utilization.
  • Extensions list sorted by calls Duration.
  • Extensions list sorted by calls cost.


Alerts & Notifications

Generate an e-mail alert for unusual behavior or notification message based on pre-defined criteria triggered by:
  • Total Number of calls exceeding …
  • Call Duration More Than….
  • Call Cost More than….
  • Total Cost exceeding …
  • Number of calls after working hours exceeding …
  • Call to a specific destination.
  • Calls to/from not defined extension.
  • Activity of Specific Extension.
  • No activity over certain period.


  • Web interface accessible over LAN / WAN via Thin Client
  • Web based application making use of MVC5, JQuery and .Net 4.5.1.
  • Runs on Physical or Virtual Machines.
  • Runs under all known and latest Microsoft Windows platform.
  • Runs with Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Supports multiple CDR sources from most popular PABX/IP Telephony platform.
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