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SW Testing and QA
Software Quality Assurance (SQA) is a systematic approach to insure adherence of the software products standards to defined objectives set by client.

Quinsys follows a rigorous testing and evaluation process that insures that standards and procedures are met throughout the software acquisition life cycle.
 Our software development and control processes include quality assurance approval points, where an SQA evaluation of the product is done in relation to the applicable standards. Upon contracting and preparation of the Software Requirement Specification (SRS) the analysis phase takes place and the business consultant participation surfaces. The SRS specifies what the delivered system must be able to do. It also specifies the system itself, and how well it performs its functions. Such requirements are often called ‘functional requirements' which include availability, testability, maintainability, and ease-of-use.
Quinsys QA team works side by side with the project manager all over the business cycle of application development. The project Quality Assurance Approach defines how the project intends to deliver products that meet the customer’s quality expectations and quality standards. It addresses both the project’s management and the development of the project’s product
In this respect Quinsys has established itself in a short time with an excellent exposure with respect to the market and business requirements thus bringing added value to the process and the overall project overview of any large project. The experience of Quinsys draws on an independent software QA team that was originally part of a software development house for four years before Quinsys establishment.

Quinsys QA team starts at the early analytical stage of the project in order to develop plans, standards and procedures so they fit in the organization’s quality assurance policy and also to facilitate reviews during the whole project life cycle. The QA role at this phase is reviewing the analysis document assuring its feasibility matching the SRS and setting the milestones for further revision. Quinsys QA group assures maintainability of deliverables according to the originally set requirements from stage to another passing through the design, development until it reaches the testing phases prior to deployment.

Quinsys testing: Our test project is performed as follows:

  • Deployment – preferable on production like environment.
  • Training for the testers on the application features.
  • Defining an overall test plan indicating :
    • Test cases.
    • Test scenarios.
    • Mass cases.
    • Test classes and severity levels.
  • Functional test (UI) according to predefined cases and scenarios. (Friendliness, readability and performance to be reported separately.)
  • Functional simulation for specific functions (External tools).
  • Edging.(Scenario for special cases.) Random functional test.
  • Regression test. Load /stress test.
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